Dynamic positioning for ASV

The Telemetron vehicle of Maritime Robotics

A dynamic positioning (DP) system for small ASV shall be developed. This involves primarily algorithm and software design, implementation and experimental testing on an ASV in collaboration with Maritime Robotics. The DP system will interface to existing ASV system architectures with GPS and compass for reference, and control water jets and thruster to keep position and heading, or track a given path.


The candidate will be associated with the AUTOSEA project, which is a collaborative research project between NTNU, DNV GL, Kongsberg Maritime and Maritime Robotics, focused on achieving world-leading competence and knowledge in the design and verification of methods and systems for sensor fusion and COLAV for ASVs. The project has access to supervision and physical test platforms through our industry partners.


Tor Arne Johansen and Thor I. Fossen in collaboration Thomas Ingebretsen and Vegard Hovstein (Maritime Robotics).