Object detection and classification for autonomous navigation systems

Something in the water

An autonomous navigation system for a ship will need to detect and classify floating objects in the vicinity of the ship which are relevant for safe navigation. This project is divided in three parts:

  1. Identification of which floating objects that require identification and classification according to the COLREG (International Regulation for Preventing Collisions at Sea).
  2. Identification of floating objects that are relevant for the safe navigation of the ship, but not defined by the COLREG.
  3. Identification of sensors or combination of sensors applicable for detection and classification of the identified floating objects in any relevant operating condition.


Main supervisor: Edmund Brekke
Co-supervisor: Veronica Liverud Krathe
Co-supervisor: Bjørn-Johan Vartdal
Co-supervisor: Øystein Engelhardtsen
Co-supervisor: Frank Lindseth